Ode to my dad

To my papa who's not perfect, but wants everything perfect for me
To my papa whom I can discuss CHinese history and world politics any time of the day.
To my papa who I can watch basketball games with (At the same time analyze the game)
To my papa whom I  got my appetite, so I never became malnourished.
To my papa who appreciates arts and film, and so I never ran out of creative things to say, to write and to create.

No he's not my dad, my dad doesn't want his pic to be posted here that's all

To my papa who sometimes spill out corny jokes, but never failed to make me laugh during my hardest times.
To my papa who never wrote a story, but never stops telling me stories to write.
To my papa who stopped believing he will still succeed anymore, but always believe I will.
To my papa who always cry when happy, sad, or whatever feeling (he just cries a lot), but stood strong when I'm weak.

To my papa who can be easily discouraged, but never stops encouraging me.
To my papa who loves to sleep, but didn't slept when I was sick.
To my papa who made a lot of mistakes in life,  but never made a mistake on raising me.
To my papa whom often disappointed to the people he trusted, but never stop trusting me although I failed him many times.
To my papa who's not wealthy to buy me stuffs, but splurged me with knowledge and love in my life.
To my dad who's a friend to everyone, but a bestfriend to me.
To my dad who thinks destiny is out of his hands, but always tells me to "go to my destiny"

There are a million words or phrase or prose to tribute my dad, (150% he'll cry if he reads this) ANywaa happy fathers day dad! Muchas Gracias papa. I love you

baby names

I was talking with my sister through skype a while ago and we were talking about some stuffs. We were talking about the sequential laboring of some friends and relatives and some acquaintances. DOn't know what happened but our topic suddenly shifted to baby names, probably because a lot of my Filipino-CHinese colleagues etc. are starting shift to fatherhood/motherhood. They're cute little Chinese babies, with their innocent looking faces posted on facebook with their excited smiley parents proud to show off their newly born babies. But there's something i noticed about these cute new generation of babies: Their names.

I noticed that most of the babies being born from parents' of my generation of chinoys have "rapper" names. You know names derived from african-american names. Names similar to:  "shaniqua" "Aaliyah" "Tayshaun" "Kemisha" "Jermaine" etc. and etc. and etc. (really don't know what's with the "sha") I mean what were they thinking on giving their babies' names from rappers? You know I've thought about this before, and knowing I started creating some theories why these conservative, "creative and cool" parents name their kids this way:

Theory 1: The parents of these Parents (meaning the grandfather of the babies) are lazy enough or rather doesn't want to spend much time thinking about their kids' name while waiting in the hospital while they're worrying about their store/shop. And so in effect these parents grew up having common names like Michael , Bryan, Mark, Michelle, Christine, Joana, or Jennifer. And they don't want their kids to have these same names again.

Theory 2: Even though they're already parents, they still want the feeling of people thinking them as cool. And so when we say "cool"it must be a rapper! And so they want their other rapper parents to tell them : "Hey you're cool 'coz your child's name is cool!"

Theory 3: Many of those parents wanted to look smart and creative, and so they overdone the names of their child that they ended up with a rapper like name. sample Jayson = Jayshaun, or Sheena = Sheeniqua, or probably Beth = Betheesha. Anyway these are just mock samples.

My sister and I were laughing about the idea of going overboard about these names. Yeah that's right I mean if you want to give your kid a rapperish name then give it all the way man. I was thinking why not derived the babies' names from one of our popular R & B artists. You know give him/her a name like:

"P.Diddy LLCoolJ Wu", or
"50-cent ICeTea To" or
"SouljaBoi Lim" or
"Lil'Wayne Wang" or
"Ashanti Rihanna Pempengco (This is a wierd sample). Or
"Apl Akon Ang" or
"Sisqo Co" or
"Neyo Yu" or
"WuTangClan Tan"
By the way some these names rhyme too huh? yeah.

My conclusion: I hope these kids would grow up happy about their names. I'll be a good good boi and not judge their name giving prowess anymore. I just hope that they would appreciate their parents' effort of giving them a cool name. I also understand their reasons that they only want the best for their kids, they want them to be "in" as soon as they start mingling with other kids. We can't blame them for choosing a name from something they love. Maybe someday when I have a child there's a chance I would name him/her "Jean-Luc Lorenos" or "Maya Deren Lorenos" or  "Theodoros Lorenos" (now this sounds really greek) ANyway as long as they're happy I'll be happy. I'm just a plain observes that's all. A rapper's peace sign to all the babies out there and me saying  "Waz up y'all"!! Happy Fathers day to everyone.

A short defense to the honorabol Presidente!

Why do I hate her? Is she that bad? is she sucking all our country's resource dry? Is she abusing her powers and asking for more? Is she a bad president? I just hate her seeing her face and all her "achievements" that she contributed for the Philippines...why do i hate her?

That was one heck of an easy ridin'

RIP Dennis Hopper

Zumi on my mind!

test stills from my zumi, playing with the cam oh yeah!

excited to test my zumi

i'm so predictable, just played with the zumi cam ASA it came into my possesion

test clip

Zumi on my hands!

Today i received a surprising news, or rather gift! The lusty Harinozumi is now in my possesion! yes! I received the zumi camera as a gift from my GF (love you marge!) I didn't expect it to be in on my hands that soon. Actually I was just aiming for it, and will buy it in case a lumpsum cash just came in to my account out of no where. But it is mine now!!!

But I was wondering why did she gave me this camera at this point? birthday is 7 months ahead, anniversary is 4 months later, valentines...never mind. All she said was that the zumi is my "reward" for being a finalist in the Cinemalaya film festival, and for finishing my first feature film. Sounds logical? yeah but still it was one of the best material gift I ever had. Thank you honey!

What's my goal from the zumi???? finishing a feature film that entirely uses the zumi cam!!!! but my short term goal is finishing a short film from it... excitied!